On the day

We meet at the arranged site and take the woodland walk to our cabin, you will choose a donkey (2 per group normally) to be your friendly companion for the day. This is a very 'hands on' experience - you will get your donkeys ready by brushing them and cleaning feet etc. After a short talk on safety and handling tips you will set out on your adventure along the lanes and byways around historic Beaminster, Dorset. You are welcome to take a picnic with you or there is the option to stop at the pub for lunch along the way.

It's hands on from the start, choose your Donkey companion, and get him ready to wander along the lanes and back waters around historic Beaminster.

How long will it take?

We normally meet at 10am and to avoid stress we don't stick to a strict time table, but the Donkey Adventures normally finish around 2.30pm. Many people go on to visit nearby West Bay, the Dorset seaside town that is famous for appearing in the popular TV series Broadchurch.

Shorter and evening courses are available, please contact us to discuss your individual needs.